Circling The Edge Of The Prescient Moment
Text by Barry Gerson;

"My project, from the beginning, has been to transform earthly reality into an aspect of an alternate reality, mirroring what I feel to be the ethereal make-up of the Universe. I use digital moving and still images to achieve this pupose, sometimes by placing these images in conjunction with worldly objects and sometimes on their own- always seeking a truer and purer visionary experience. “Circling The Edge of the Prescient Moment” is so much about circularity and shifts in time and motion that it's very visual presents called out to me to add sound. I had been thrilled by Tibetan monk throat singing for many years, recognizing it's ability to transport one's very soul to another dimension. It occurred to me that I might be able to perform throat throat singing, as it seemed both natural to me and possible. So, I performed it for the sound track. I am moved by it's totality and wish to share it with you."

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Timespecific is pleased to present "Circling The Edge Of The Prescient Moment by Barry Gerson. 

Barry Gerson (b.July 3, 1939, Philadelphia, PA) is an artist-filmmaker known for his films, sculptures and photographic constructions. 

Gerson made his first film, The Neon Rose, in the early 1960's; since then he has completed over thirty-four films which have been shown in one-person shows at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Guggenheim Museum, and in group shows at museums, libraries and institutions internationally. 

His work is in collections around the world including The Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Museum of Modern art (Stockholm, Sweden), Centre National D'Art Et De Culture Georges-Pompidou (Paris, France), etc..He is the recipient of many awards including a fellowship from The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 

Gerson has taught filmmaking, film installations,and film aesthetics at Bard College, Edinboro State College, S.U.N.Y. - Buffalo, The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, The Rhode Island School of Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Hamilton College. Three of his films are part of the now historic Castelli Sonnabend Tapes and Films Collection.

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